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Your policy about sending ss

=BoX= walkerschlumpf

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Hello ladies and gentleman,


I hope it is the right section.


I have a question to your policy about sending ss. Why is it necessary to have two dirty ss from a player who is hacking?

Dont get me wrong I would understand when it is not clearly to see the hack cause it is just not fair to ban the guy but

when it is obvisious and you can clearly see the hack why you need two dirty ss.

Sorry but I can

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The reason we request two ss is because there are many bugs in bf2 that can look like hacks that aren't. For your case, reduced fog, there is a bug where if you were commander the round before and were typing in chat at the end of the round, you will spawn the next round and have no fog at all. There are other similar bugs in bf2 for fog and hence the reason we require two for reduced fog screenshots.


The other most common rejection for not having two ss is for esp (in particular names showing behind walls). Many people submit screenshots with one or two names visible behind a wall. If an enemy is visible, gets in the players line of sight, then ducks behind a wall again, their name will show up red for a brief amount of time afterwards. Because of this, we require two screenshots.


So all in all, its to make sure the screenshots are not caused by bugs. Just our method of quality control.

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You also have to remember that while it's frustrating for you as a an admin to have to get two screenshots, it would be equally frustrating if someone happened to capture a screenshot of you whilst you were experiencing one of the said bugs above.


Not all cases of screenshot submissions require two screenshots, however reduced fog is one of them. The last thing we want is innocent players on the ban list.


Like Big guy said, its about the integrity of our banlist. I recently caught a player on my server for reduced fog and it took several attempts to get the shots. Admining is also about patience, if you get one shot you see is reduced, spam the guys for screenshots and get the evidence required for a concrete case.

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