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Clan Outpost


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Hello I am Megatron. I am the founder of a new website called Clan Outpost.


What Clan Outpost has to offer:

A League

A place where you can recruit and talk about games

A place where you can rent servers for cheap

User Friendly websites and forum


What Clan Outpost is looking for:

We are looking for members to come and help make Clan Outpost a big community where people come and see that its an active place to be

Moderators to Moderate the servers

Volunteers to help us with the sites


Website URL is www.clanoutpost.com


Hope you see some of you people there.

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Special Coupon -> 445f1v <-add that coupon code in when your getting a server, it will give you a discount of $5.00 off your server. Discount will end Jan 15 2010

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