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prob with sof2/win7

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one of our clanmates has a problem after upgrading to Win 7

the game is running but only in small size

i copy and paste his question for better understanding:



"In regards to the issue/s with the game, I'm totally confused as to what to do next, I've tried just abouts everything you can imagine to make it work, bios, xp compatibility, downloaded every possible patch, updated graphic card and bios.... The pbm is that the game does work, but with a screen size no bigger than a netbook. None of the whizkids forums have come up with anything, Activision have made a couple of suggestions but they have nothing more to suggest (at this stage)...

I wait and try anything, but ultimately it looks to me that it will be the case of reverting back to Vista and therefore be able to play SOF with a full screen, or move on with times and keep Win 7 and play the game with a reduced screen.

Good fun for sure...

Catch later!"


any help is appreciated

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If he's got a big enough hard drive, or perhaps a second hard drive, install Vista in a seperate partition/drive and dual-boot.

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