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My idea to bring fun back into 360 gaming


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Ok im fed up with the cheating and scum who ruins the Game play for us Honest players who are looking for a clean game. I have recently closed my clan site www.allmightygamers.net To start a project that im wondering if Microsoft will back me on. I want to start a community forums called something like Mod caters ETC. what I want in this community is VIDEO proof of players useing Mods ETc in game. Along with the video proof a place for gamers to chill and report there catches What im wanting from Xbox is if this proof is shown to them can we start getting Cheaters banned with the proff. I will also be looking for RELIABLE Staff who support me on this. So what does Microsoft think of this and can i get some back up from you honest gamers on this forum when it goes up. Please guys Im very Serious on this problem.

Mike AKA Blackhawk9492


I want oppinions and what you guys think. Im 100 % committed to this and looking ideas for software and a sponsor for a domain?


I hope its cool i posted this here posting it all over the web for advice and opinions.

If not i do appoligise and mean to break no rules on PB

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Domain is being bout and We will be useing PHPBB Version 3.0.6 here we go well see how it works.


Host will be following limits for now


Disk Space: 1GB

Bandwidth: 20GB

Addon/Parked Domains: 2

Other Resources (MySQL, FTP, Email) ect: 5

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