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Punkbuster ban out of nowhere

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Hello, I just recently got this game again. I had this years back, never hacked, anything stupid like that. I used to be in ']['@ clan. I got rid of it and now I ordered a new one, installed it, had to do all the updates, osp-clientside stuff, and when I try to join any Infiltration type rooms it says Punkbuster has issued a permanent ban for this server due to prior kick/ban... This doesn't make sense since I JUST got a new in box version of this game, can any of you Punkbuster guys help me?

My guid: ec70e28e9e44b36ae34209e2fb8caf76

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you bought a copy with a key that is not unique. in fact all copies since 2007 come with the same key.


fix: none (unless digging out old valid key), workaround(?):



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