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Our server is streaming or so I am informed by clan forge but I am getting no bans showing since Novemeber or any notification of any new bans occuring. How do I check this

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On the main page, there's a "Check Streaming Server" widget in the left menu. It will tell you if it's streaming. :)



I'll assume you're talking about your BF2 server on :

Server Extra Information

UCON Mode NO-INPUT detected, Can not send commands

The UCON profile for PBBans streaming is set to 0... This mean that no commands can be sent to your server by the Hub.

The solution is to change it to 1. ^^


If you have FTP-access to the PB configs, open up the pbsv.cfg and find this:

PB_SV_UConAdd 0 pbbhub1 pbbanshub

Replace it with:

PB_SV_UConAdd 1 pbbhub1 pbbanshub

And either restart PB (by using pb_sv_restart via rcon) or the whole server.


If you don't have FTP-access to those, you'll need to use rcon to change it. Assuming you don't stream to any other sites, you can just run these via rcon:


PB_SV_UConAdd 1 pbbhub1 pbbanshub

pb_sv_writecfg pbsv.cfg




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