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grenade hacks?


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hello ppl,


i just had a player in our server witch who was playing cinda wierd.

sometimes 3/3 grenades hit and sometimes 2/3. on every single map.

but when you spectate him his shots are not all that impressive.

still he gets scores up to 103 / 24 witch are obvious thanks to his grenades.

now i have the question is there eny hack out that tells you where, when and how to trow a grenade.


i only whant to kno if there are yes/no.

if its a no i have no choice but to let him go on.

if its a yes i will ban him from our server.


so i only need a yes/ no awnser.

thank you for your time.


P.S. the player guid was: f0cf5215 i dont kno if it will do eny good but you might find something i dident:)




Robin. S


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Pre-sets, see any competition clan who trains for it. Certain places people come through, as players, and anyone who's played this game competition or had a competition member in theirs will know where to toss them.


Doubtful it's a hack.

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