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need help with bcs server


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ok according to pbbans my server is streaming well first off its not displaying the pepole in my server and second how do i know if it is working correctly? cause i have greetings on and i do not get them when we join please help me asap.

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If it is shown as streaming then everything is working correctly.


The welcome messages do not work as currently PB can not interact with the server to send chat messages.


If theres anything else just post and I'll do my best to help :D

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how do i get it to stream the correct users that are in my server to pbbans?


Ignore hub live numbers. It tracks by player connection and disconnection so if the server crashes while the players are on there, hub live will show "ghost" players. They get purged every few hours.


Same reason that few players show up on a newly streamed server. The Hub hasn't seen the players connect.

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