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I'm getting plenty of bans from my server but yet it shows I have zero bans. I check the home page latest bans and they show up at the same time as when they visited my server so why would my server show zero?


Here's a list of the last couple of bans. Are the multihacks and gamehacks from the MD5 tool or something else?


12:46:19 -> PunkBuster Server: PB UCON "pbbhub1"@xxx.xxx.xx.xxx [admin.yell "<PBBHub> Player SnakeMan (6c08061f) banned for GAMEHACK (80474)" 3000 all]


12:46:19 -> PunkBuster Server: PB UCON "pbbhub1"@xxx.xxx.xx.xxx [PB_SV_BanGUID 3355fbf2a8fd23c1b231d6e76c08061f "SnakeMan" "92.192.*.*" "PBBansHub!GAMEHACK"]


12:46:19 -> PunkBuster Server: Ban Added to Ban List


3:08:06 -> PunkBuster Server: PB UCON "pbbhub1"@xxx.xxx.xx.xxx[admin.yell "<PBBHub> Player GuGulinos (2ccc7c54) banned for AIMBOT (50120)" 3000 all]




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All PBBans bans are broadcast to all servers, these will be bans that have raised violations on other servers.


When a violation is raised on your server it'll count towards your ban figure.


If you search the MPI for the ban record it'll confirm such:




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