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Correct streaming setup?


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I added two bc2 servers first from Server Management entering the Join ports in the port field (not the command querry port) and clicked ok. Then, after checking the forum, i went to the webtool and ran it for both the server (now the field about the port was clear "RCON port"), as IP i put only the ip (without the join port). The webtool log did its stuff and in the end it said "no error occured during installation etc etc, connection closed"...


Now, how can i check if the servers are actually streaming?


Second question is about the External Bans options found in Server Management (level 1 and 2), what are these ones?



Thanks in advance smile.gif



PS: The servers are:

HEL-PX Mixed Normal


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New (BFBC2)

New (BFBC2)


Awaiting admin approval? If Punkbuster is enabled and the web tool was successful they should start streaming after approval.


External Bans

These flags are for External Ban list functions.


Enforce EBL - Level 1 - Hub will check guid of connecting player against the External Bans List (Level 1 AC Sites). If hub finds the guid, it issues a kick command.


Enforce EBL - Level 2 - Hub will check guid of connecting player against the External Bans List (Level 2 AC Sites). If hub finds the guid, it issues a ban command.



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Servers look to be streaming fine :D




Team: Hellenic Phalanx (|HEL-PX|)

Account ID: 2798

Streaming Status: Streaming (2 / 2)




Server List


BFBC2 - (Streaming)

BFBC2 - (Streaming)

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thanks guys, but i thought there was also a command console that confirms pbbans streaming


about EB, what are these "external" lists? And -obvious question?- why aren't they enabled by default? About the Leagues' list i uderstand that some people might not want their server logs to be scanned by their services, but i don't understand the reason of existence (!) of EB...

extra security ofcourse, but what for, isn't PBbans enough? What are the AC sites?

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Your AccCP will always confirm streaming status ;)


As for EBL's I asked for clarification on this one myself last night, http://www.pbbans.com/forums/external-bans-list-t117361.html.


I would hazard a guess and say EBL's aren't enforced because they enforce third party lists which could be subject to errors, or admins may not simply want to enforce the external ban lists and stick to pure bans dealt with by PBBans.


The L is important (EBL) because otherwise it becomes EB, EvenBalance and then the post becomes confusing ;)


The league flags are there to enable league admins to access the logs from your servers, these flags are usually only used if your server is registered for competitive use with a league.

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