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bc2cc ayone having a issue


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i'm using bc2 command center for rcon support and every time i login in too my server thru bc2 command center it logins in then about 10 seconds later it stops responding what can i do to fix this issuse with bc2cc

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Try this one gets updated very fast (nearly every night)


Features (Updated):

Sub Admin Permission Profiles Sort out multiple wolfcon client permission without the use of daemons!

Unlimited Server Profile Saves (Save different Settings for different servers as many as you want), all settings are saved regularly!

"At a Glance" Player listing system, allows you to easily Identify team balance, team score, which side is winning.

Advanced player control - Manage players easily however you want, kill them, swap their teams, kick them, or ban them (PB or not)

Full R9 Admin Chat - Say directly to the server, or yell , specify who you want to send your message to.

Event Logs / PB Console - Seperate Punkbuster Event log / Console for direct controls

Advanced slot Reserve system - Have many people share the same reserved slot, or issue dynamic VIP invites at will.

Web Linked VIP system - Includes 2 php samples that allows you to issue VIP invites through a website, or let your members reserve slots for themselves whenever they please

Advanced Balance System - Override server balance, specifiy how you want your players to be swapped, who to swap, when to swap, and the messages provided. (No Kicking required!), Balance immunity include clan tag or player names.

Mixed Map Mode Rotation Override - Override existing map rotation however you want, mix them up, have different number rounds each map etc.

Automated Message System - Schedule Welcome message, peroidic Admin Say or Yell Spam, control the duration of each message.

Admin Alert System - Alert you whenever a key word is spoken in chat, such as "hacker"

Interactive Player Voting system - Allow players to vote on player kicks, bans, map skips, map change from ingame chat.

Ingame Administration (Silent Commands) - Issue Kill, kick, force swap, say, maprestart, by a select list of players, silently (no one on the server can see admin issuing the command)

Server Rule Enforcer - Enforce no team killing with a set limit (5 team kills in a round), or Ping Limit (400ms ping max), keep your server clean.

Wolfcon Interconnect - Talk to other admin's using wolfcon on the same server, coordinate your admin actions without external messenger.

Map Stats - Keep a record of how many players join / left a map, so you know which map is popular, and which ones are the server killers!



Website: http://www.lionguards.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=23

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