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Has anyone have some spare time?


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Hi to all at PBBans. I was wondering if anyone that knows configs, for personal use .cfg, in Enemy Territory?? We Banned a player on our servers for disrespect but he thinks we banned him for an aimbot / wallhack. He came to our forums and gave us a link to what the player uses in is personal.cfg thinking he was banned for this reason. I was looking through the .cfg's in the link he gave me and there are some suspect cvar's in it. All that I want to know is that if someone else can look through these cvar's and other things to see if I have missed something or if they are clean?? I personaly have found some suspect ones.....


We want to get to the bottom of this for our sake but on the other hand we do think he is using something for aiming for the players accuracy at the end of every map is around 60% and upwards!! We have done some Forcecvar settings in our server.cfg to help us see if the player is using a cvar changer or something like that?


I don't want to post the configs here but if someone can message me that they are interested in helping me out please do.


Thank you for your time,



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Ok. Posting this is the SGA section..... I will also post a link to the configs because there are to many of them.....




** P.S. Please close or delete this post. Thanks **

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