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Hey, I submitted an application yesterday to stream Pbbans to my TWL server, I already did the automatic java setup program from your site and I didnt get any error messages, so im assuming it went through ok... I then filled out an application, now I might have put in the Rcon port instead of the port which is 19577 not 48898 in the server box.. I cant go back an edit it since when I try it states "application hasn't been verified yet" TWL sent me the email that all server must now have pbbans running by sunday, so they only gave me a couple days to set this up!


Any help would be awesome, sorry I'm new to the admin thing :(

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You can view the status of your application here. Your application is currently #1 in the queue so I'm sure a staffmember will process it soon.


I suggest you make a reply in that thread and write up the correct port. I also noticed the teamname is ''FuzzPoncho'' even though your clan is called ''The Killing Crew''. It's possible that your application will be deleted for this reason and that you will be asked to re-apply using the correct port and teamname.


Either way, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait like everyone else currently in the queue :)


Edit: Yep, there we go, someone processed it. They corrected the name and port for you as well, so I assume Buff read the thread ;)


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