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Banned from AA servers


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Hello all, I was wondering if someone could shed some light on this for me? I am getting this ban message on servers can someone help?


ScriptLog: Console Message: KICK NOTIFICATION: [sA]Shadow has been kicked for an undefined reason: PUNKBUSTER PERMANENT BAN ISSUED ON THIS GAME SERVER FOR PLAYER '[sA]SHADOW' ... PRIOR KICK/BAN

ScriptLog: Console Message: PunkBuster Client: Removing "[sA]Shadow" d87e (Prior Kick/Ban)

Log: PunkBuster Client: Removing "[sA]Shadow" d87e (Prior Kick/Ban)


Please help


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Your GUID is clean, so it's mostly likely a local ban from the server you tried to join.


Best if you contact the clan server admins/owners and ask why you got banned.


EDIT: Ninja'd :o

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