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BBC2 Server Not Streaming ?


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I have a BBC2 Server that does Not seem to be streaming.?


Name: 24/7 GanjaCafeUSA


Port: 19567


The Ranked server has been running fine for a week. I use the ProCon CC with no problems ( It is Up-Dated version ).


I entered the Streaming Set-Up to my Punk Busters File ok.


It Receives PunkBusters streem OK.


Q: Do i need to change or add something to my pb folder other than the Set-Up file i Copied and Pasted. ? Maby i don't have the right info like PBBans IP or something like that.


I have done a re-start and all that so what am i missing ?


Thanks in advance if you can help...

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I think the problem is That I am a Member "admin" of the ^WMD^ clan and that is the clan i am adding. I game on ^WMD^ servers for over 3 years.


How do i apply for a Streaming admin spot on My NEW server with the ^WMD^ tag. That may be the problem. I entered my GUID and all other info. for the Battlefield BadCompany2 server that is NEW.


Do i have to have a rep. from ^WMD^ ADD my server to THERE list of servers that are streaming. ?

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You can have any of the users on the account add you to the team account, and/or have them add the server through there. Streaming only happens if the server is set up, and it is attached to a team account here.


---------- Account Information ----------

Team: The Clan Weapons of Mass Destruction (^WMD^)

Account ID: 1480

Streaming Status: Streaming (2 / 2)


---------- User List ----------

Coldsteel (113358)

wth (100934)

Jastley (114866)

WildRooster (116343)

EvilMelon (147175)

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