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Bad company 2 tweak guide - is this allowed?


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I found an unofficial tweak guide, is these settings/tweaks allowed?


There are quite a few performance guides out there (such as this one: http://gamers-underground.com/action-fps/32463-bad-company-2-tweaks.html), but personally I feel they're all incomplete and not very well written. So here's my version (targeted towards both noobs and more knowledgeable folks):


1.1 :: Settings.ini

First off, you may or may not know that the most important settings when it comes to performance aren't even in-game. They are under settings.ini. Open the file in a text editor (such as Notepad) and tweak away! settings.ini is located here:


In Win7/Vista: C:\Users\[you]\Documents\BFBC2\settings.ini

In XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[you]\My Documents\BFBC2\settings.ini


After you make your changes to the file & save, you will need to mark it as read-only to keep the game from changing your settings back.


If you are not very good at computers (or uncomfortable with editing .ini files), Liseda from the EA forums has made a simple tool that can change most (but not all) of the same settings for you. Get it here:




2.1 :: Settings that make the biggest performance impact

Anti-Aliasing (MSAA)

The higher you set this, the less "jaggies" you will see. Using AA takes a massive chunk out of your FPS however.


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Anything that is changeable without 3rd party tools (not counting notepad to edit the ini lol), should be allowed imo. Besides... there's no way to check the user's graphical settings server-side.




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None of these settings give unfair advantage over other players and are coded to be part of the game engine. No need for special tricks to change any of them.


It seems that none of these settings modify graphics too heavily and only advantage is to get better performance out of the game. Nothing like modifying texture quality with 3rd party tools.

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