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Exploits crashing SOF2 servers


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We've recently run into a number of folks from another team that have been using a commonly known bug to crash our server. I'm not sure if pbbans.com is the appropriate forum for this, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.


A few folks from other teams have asked me to persue this to prevent it from happening to them. I'll be happy to provide whatever logs are neccessary if pbbans.com determines that this is something they wish to deal with.





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If you use rocmod then 2.1a fixes this and then if not there is this guidfix


Thanks for the heads up. Looks like rocmod now has a patch for the problem we're seeing. Unfortunately, arnor patches things while keeping the same version number, so I wasn't aware that it was available.


Appreciate your help!

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motherone.....looking at your profile now....for account validation......


Your ip addy refers back to (SK1)Tits[CO] which is also on the SK1 roster. I assume you both are in the same house? Also, your e-mail address goes back to a motherone.com account ..... I see you have a sk1 e-mail addy......


Just double checking before we upgrade your account.

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Also, the maker (he who shall not be named) of OSP 1.0i (not out yet) said that the 1.0i includes "Global buffer checking (fixes all public and not so public crashes)".


He said 1.0i will be out very soon. Just a head-up.

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here we go,now u just started a fight against RoCmod and OSP,dont do that plz,pll gonna start the rumble now :lol: :P :D ,btw im in the RoCmod side.(Just for u guys to know)

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