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check needed on an account


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H i guys - im new to the forums so forgive me if i make a mistake, please can some one help verify if the below player is clean , most of his accounts - say clean - but the way he played and moved looked very very suspicious - can someone either confirm my suspicions - or debunk them with A CI, AON, HAZZARD and TORO Banlist

he has 6 AA3 Accounts/names, another 2 linked and 39 different ip addresses


here's a link to his account



many thanks guys

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I'm afraid I'll have to go with Pisi-Deff


Hey - thanks guys, thats fine it was the first time id used such tools and wasnt fully sure as to all the meanings, linked accounts, multiple ip s ect - so couldnt confirm the guy was clean.


thankyou both very much

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