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  1. Squealer

    Street View Of EA

    Here, have some eggs
  2. is nosing around

  3. is feeling ill; I hate feeling ill.

  4. Squealer

    3DMark 11 Coming Dec 7

    Sounds great!
  5. Squealer


    pb_sv_cvar pb_sv_md5tool deze twee commands moet je maar eens jezelf in verdiepen :) http://evenbalance.com/publications/et-ad/index.htm
  6. Squealer

    Delete pbbans

    You don't seem to be streaming any servers, so there's nothing to delete for you.
  7. Squealer

    Banned idk why

    Look again, they match.
  8. Squealer

    Banned idk why

    Apparently your friend lied to you. http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-7cb5f880-vb98690.html It's a leaked CD key. It might not have been used by him, but surely has been used by at least 8 others.
  9. Squealer

    Word Association

  10. Squealer

    Word Association

  11. Just 5 more years....

  12. Squealer

    Bunnies can lean why not MW2 or MoH :P

    Just... awesome!
  13. Squealer

    Word Association

  14. I'm wondering how much players would actually be bothered to do this...
  15. Squealer

    COD Series Steam Special

    worth the money for cod4, but you won't play the others, believe me.

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