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Need help


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NO I havent try any cheats at all!!!! nothing! and i have already posted at evenbalance but i diddnt get any responce yet:(


But this is weird cause i play in server with punkbuster only and in some server i get that message and in others i dont....


can someone tell me what can i do to get rid of it?

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Oh come on..........


I still get that gay message and evenbalance isnt doin anythin, i know by now that i am not the only one with this problem and still nothin is happenin:S


could it be my connection?(router or somethin)


Like i said i reinstalled the game and still the SAME SHIT!!!


And still i play in punkbuster servers only but i get the message only in half of the servers...

for example if i play in Kreiswehrersatzamt 1 nothin happens but if i play in Kreiswehrersatzamt 2 i get kicked:S




help me

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When I look at your screenshot above.....I see a glaring issue.......what the heck is up with your PB client version info? According to EvenBalance the current version is this:


Enemy Territory v1.149 (server) v1.190 (client) A1355 (agent)


I would suggest that you update your PB client first ;)

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I see... I thought punkbuster updates automaticly....


how can I update it manually?


nvm i found it already:)


tnx, gonna try now in the same server, lets see if i still get that message...

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with the latest version of xfire open up the file xfire_games.ini


goto the enemy territory section (4097) or search for enemy

goto the Ingameflags=Wolf_ETPRO|OGL_EXTRA_HOOKS


and add a ; in front of that line i.e.




save the file shutdown xfire completely and restart / open xfire up and you shouldnt get kicked for that violation


the Ingamerenderer=OGL works fine with PB (thats how you get ingame chat) but if you wanna be safe you can comment it out the same was as the ingameflags setting with a ;




if your on pbbans repository and/or psb's ban repository just appeal the ban. i know psb is going to be removing that violation from there repository along with the video hack 9003 or what ever it is ( its the same violation as the gamehack #89103 which is a error on xfire and pb's part )

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just checked and your on neither pbbans or psb repository so thats good news :)

give that a try and you shouldnt get banned no more if you do post back here and tell us what your running in the background

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