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few newbie questions


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hi, im an admin on a couple of australian servers, i dont have ftp access to the servers but do have an rcon password, these servers are for a major australian isp and wont give ftp access to anyone that isnt employed by them


anyway i was wondering how signing up to pbbans.com could help us rid cheaters from the server i understand you would like to see the pb.logs, but will these players caught cheating recieve a hardware ban or would they just go on your master ban list?


i used to read the pb.logs daily but got sick of it as it was taking me too long to ban these players and only taking them 30 seconds to evade that ban, when we used to have 2 servers running there would be about 5 a day caught by pb (usually the same person looking for a cheat that worked) now we have 7 servers and i havent seen the pb logs and dont really want to considering they are full 18 hours out of 24 and would probably catch a hell of a lot more than when we had 2 servers


so basically im asking if we had our pb.logs streamed to you would players get hardware banned?

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If you have rcon access ,you can stream to pbbans.


Unfortunately , all bans are based on CDKEY GUIDS :smilie_tischkante: and not on HW GUIDS .

There is no way how to reach permanent ban in et , unless the cheat interferes with pb.



EVENBALANCE , give us HW GUIDS or :1_4_126:

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poo, no offense i know you guys put a lot of work into this but arent you finding it pointless creating a neverending list of cheats, most of which are probably the same person with different GUID's, i used to add in GUIDS to ban on our servers but gave up when i realised it takes me longer to ban them then it takes them (cheats) to evade that ban


ive heard of a program for mohaa that lets you create your own HW ban for your specific server, does anyone know if there are plans for anything like this in ET?


do people from punkbuster read these forums at all and see that creating neverending lists of GUID's that will probably never be used again is getting us nowhere and we need a different type of action to curb cheating in ET


anyway thats a message from a disgruntled ET server admin, hope it makes sense and hope someone with some sort of know how reads it and can actually do something to help us be able to ban cheats in ET

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