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Apparently banned Early 2009-2008 But bought the game in 2009 December.


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Guess i will start from the start.


Went to play BF2 for the first time in a few months joined some servers got kicked from PB Disallowed program/driver errors i resolved them quickly started to play for a few hours then i went to try and play on [sAS] BF2 Ranked Server ALL MAPS ( and it said i was banned, so i went http://www.sasclan.com.au/ to see why i was banned i was told i was globally banned by pbbans and i was given these links






With that second link that's dated back to "December 14, 2008 5:10 pm"

and i purchased BF2 on 26 December 2009 here is a screenshot of my purchase





So its obviously not me since i didn't even own the game o.O

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Key is massively leaked...

I've never seen Steam selling games w/ used keys before... mistake maybe? Whatever...


What you should do is explain to steam the situation and ask them for a new key :)




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How would i go about tell steam this?


Me - "Oh hey guys you have issued me a partially banned CD key for BF2 may i have another one? *explains everything*"

Steam - "Gtfo"


That's how i kinda picture it o.O

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The main keyword is previously-used. :)


Just explain to them that the key you were given is on the loose on the internet. And amongst others has been used by cheaters who got it banned. Give them the MBi banlink as proof.




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