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Punkbuster Service Abnormality/Can not Update


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I just installed Windows 7 64Bit and would like to play Battlefield 1942 again. However, I am unable to due to some issues with punkbuster.


The first problem is that with the old un-updated punkbuster files I can play in any service until I kicked because the Punkbuster files timed out trying to update. In order to fix this problem I tried both punkbuster update fixes listed in this forum along with another one I found on google. While, all of them worked it brought me to a new problem.


After trying each punkbuster fixed I was completely unable to join any server running punkbuster. As soon as the server would connect I would get kicked because of a "Punkbuster Service Abnormality". I do not know what this error means or how to get around it. The only thing I can do is reload my old un=updated PB folder in the BF folder and then am I able to play again but with an eventual kick because of an update timeout.


If anyone could please help me that would be great.


PS: Yes, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling BF 1942, Mods, and Punkbuster.

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as you know support is discontinued, thus there will be no bf42 pb update whatsoever; i doubt there ever was a 64-bit version of bf1942 pb. only idea was to run anything bf1942 related (incl. pb-services PnkBstrA.exe PnkBstrB.exe) in 32-bit compatibility mode.

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