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Question about cheating in PR


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Hello, this is my first post, i think im in the right place, if not, pls move the post or let me know to post it somewhere else.


Im from Argentina, we are having some cheating problems in our server (www.realitymod.com.ar)

PR, as you know, is a moddification of BF2, it has many changes to make the game more real. In one old version there was a security fail, It was about doublecliking the BF2.exe, enter the BF2, click on the "Conect to IP", enter a PR IP server adress, and click Join. (The right thing to do was executing PR from PR.exe) The result was that you would be able to play PR in a PR server WITHOUT the PR limitations (you could throw granades farther, it would take more shots into your body to kill you, you wouldnt have to wait for a machine gun to deploy, etc).

This problem was fixed in other versions, now, if you try this you will recieve a warning that wont let you play the game and will tell you to play from the PR.exe shortcut.



The thing is that in our National Server (www.realitymod.com.ar) some players have been notice that some others players have impressive abylities or they are just cheating. (they jump into a machinegun and dont have to wait, take many shots to die, etc)


Our PB SS are clean, so, we notice that if they can tweak of some way the customization of the PR but join a PR server, the PB wont detect it, because the original BF2 game have no modifications, and the SS will be clean, because they cant see through walls or anything like it, the graphics wont suffer any change, we are not talking about a cheat program, but a tweak on PR.


We would like to know if there is any way to prevent these cheaters to enter our server, if there is any sign or anything that tell us that the player have something modificated or so, or if we can make our MD5 to avoid these chaeats on our server


If the answer is no, the only thing we have left to do is to trust in our admins and wait for one of them see for themselves the fault, because there is no ScreenShot that can proof this kind of modification.


Txs for your time.


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On one side cheats will be detected by punkbuster regardless what mod is run.

On the other side exploits of game/mod flaws are no cheats, so the answer is no.

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I'd recommend you get your registered server admin to head over to http://www.realitymod.com/forum/ and ask the question in the restricted area of the forums there for specific questions on the mod. Another avenue to check is to review the Battlerecorder files - it'll become pretty clear if a suspect player is utilising mod related glitches such as not having to wait for weapons to warm up etc.

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