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Dedicated servers


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I think I want one, I believe my dontions will keep nice one going.

Have plenty of members, lots of hits on website.

But clueless on Dedicated Server Pros and Cons.

And for that matter where to go to get one.

Been gettin it from a cpl differant angles and clueless.

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There are many dedicated server hosting companies out there. The only advice I would give is if you have a clan, make sure you get a server that is close enough to your clan mates so they do not lag as much.


For example, if you have some clan members in CA and some in NY, then get a server in Chicago or St. Louis, where it is in the middle. This will help with some lag problems.


Since we have a bunch on RSP's here, hopefully they will respond to help you out.

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Also depends on how much server administration knowledge you have. It's often cheaper to rent directly from the data center than from a gsp but you need to upload and acquire the game files yourself.


Also have to look at what games you want. If you want any Battlefield ranked you will have to rent from a rsp who will lock the box down quite a bit.

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How many games are you looking to run, which games, and what slot amounts? Many assume they want to go the dedicated route so they control the box for additional tools or something else they want to use alongside game servers. If there is no need for that then your probably better off with quite a few rented servers still fairing out a bit better than going with a dedicated. This also helps allow you to drop one or two and/or pick up one or two more to meet the needs of the clan/group/community throughout the various times of the year. Please post up what it is you'd like to run and it would be a bit easier to steer you in the right direction. ;)

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