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Reporting BF:BC2 Rank/Scoring Abuse/Hackers


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Recently we've had quite a few topics created by individuals wanting to report "hackers" in BF:BC2, here's some useful stuff:


EA Support Answers


* What are the Rules of Conduct for Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

* How do I report abuse of the scoring and ranking system in the Battlefield series?


Battlefield Report Forum @ EA UK Forums:




Looks like it's a bit of a BETA idea but EA/DICE are also facilitating reports about cheaters/accusations in a dedicated forum on the EA UK forums. All reports are visible to you and appropriate staff only.


PBBans MBi/Ban Submissions for BF:BC2


* Demos are not accepted for BF:BC2 as there is no in-game demo recorder;

* Third party videos are not accepted for BF:BC2 due the possibility of editing;

* PBSS submissions are accepted via a Team Account for an actively streaming team, from a streaming server;

* MD5 and EvenBalance violations will also be banned for, and appear on the MBi, from streaming servers;

* There are no CVARs for the Battlefield Series.


PBBans Streaming Information


You can make an application to stream to us at http://www.pbbans.com/account_application.php


Our streaming application requirements are at http://www.pbbans.com/forums/streaming-application-requirements-t82423.html


Submitting Cheat Files / Information


PBBans Cheat Submission: http://www.pbbans.com/submit_cheat.php


If you want to report unapproved software which provides an unfair advantage, or manipulates the game in a way that it was not designed to be played, use the cheat submission link above.


You should not intentionally research, or test, cheats; ending up on our MBi and using cheat research as an appeal excuse will get you nowhere. Also, please do not post any information relating to cheats on our forums - we provide a cheat submission facility, please use it (or expect your topic to be edited and locked by staff).

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