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Ban this guy


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I've spotted a guy who is cheating on my serveur with an undetectable cheat...

He's so idiot because he approve his cheat and say to us the name of cheat and send to me a link to download it... I use this link to bust him.

He uses a program to change his etproguid. I give you the name of the program with a sreen within the .zip.


This is my link, with screen, record, text.



Plz ban this idiot!




ps: sorry for my bad english

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I'm sorry, we do not accept ET demos anymore as the validity of evidence can only be verified for automated bans. (leave alone MAC etproguid)


if you have some cheat-related information to submit (cheat, not cheater, means: no demos, no pbss) feel free to use : http://www.pbbans.com/submit_cheat.php


we will not leave cheat related information in public forums. locked.

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