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I have just recently purchased 2 new servers and have already been through the Automated Hub Setup process for both servers. However I have not had a server on my account for some time now and it has been moved to the inactive status. I would very much like to have my account reactivated, if at all possible, so that I may start streaming to both my servers.


Account number: 844


Thank you.

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What are the name, tag and website of the team you wish to stream for? :)


Also... Due to sleepiness, I wanted to try to kill the birds in your sig that I thought were flies on my display >.




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I apologize for the delay. As of right now we do not have a site activated yet, it is still under construction and being coded. Our clan is temporarily using our xfire clan group and forums to conduct our activities.


Our clan tag and name is: /TwC/ (Thor's Wrecking Crew)


I know that it isn't acceptable to use xfire sites for streaming purposes, but at the moment that is all we have and is what we are using also for a roster until our main site is ready to go online (should be a few days).


Link to our xfire page: ~TwC/elite forces


That will at least show you our clan roster and our servers through the Gametracker banners with their activity.


I can update the site link as soon as we have it on line. I have already caught several hackers and have the logs with the information but am not streaming so I cannot do much about it except place a ban on our servers.


Thank you,



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... as you said it isn't acceptable not to meet the streaming requirements.


Please meet the requirements and then follow up your request - the requirements are in place for very good reason as I'm sure you are well aware.

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