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Hi, i'm sorry if my problem have been solved already in the paste and did not find it while looking for roster in the search.


i've been trying to get ur pb stream for cheater to get them banned via ur system on my server. i did the subscription and got refused because "no team roster available"..


so i think i dont know what is a team roster =) i did create couple of "statistic page" on our team in gametracker &/or bfbcs.com so i guess i was wrong on that one..


Plz could someone tell me whats a roster exactly and how can i make it for my server to get the streaming from ur system


your help will be much appreciated.


(ps: sorry for my english)

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A roster is a full list of every person that represents your clan / group online, please note that it is not a list of every registered user on your forum :)




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