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Account Manager - Access Denied


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i cant log in to Account Manager. i have follow the recipe


  1. Visit our Automated Streaming Setup page. You will need Java installed.
  2. Enter your server IP, Port and RCON password in the correct boxes. 1
  3. Press Perform Setup and wait for it to complete. It will say [MSG] No error occured during setup. Server should be ready to stream if completed correctly
  4. Add your server to your account located here 1

i get..

NIT] Opening connection ...

[MSG] Connection opened

[MSG] Remote console driver does not return result. Performing blind setup.

[MSG] Creating pbucon.use file ( pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use )

[MSG] Restarting PB ( pb_sv_restart )

[MSG] Waiting 30 seconds for PB to restart

[MSG] Setting sessions limit ( pb_sv_usessionlimit 8 )

[MSG] Adding ucon profile for PBBans Hub ( pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub1 pbbanshub )

[MSG] Setting pbbans.dat autoupdate ( pb_sv_autoupdban 1 )

[MSG] Adding heartbeat task ( pb_sv_task 0 3600 pb_sv_ver )

[MSG] Saving settings into pbsv.cfg ( pb_sv_writecfg )

[MSG] No error occured during setup. Server should be ready to stream

[MSG] Closing connection ...

[MSG] Connection closed



way cant i log in to Account Manager so i can add my server.?



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do you have a team account?


is it active?


you do not seem to have SGA status


you cannot stream until your account application is approved or an inactive account is reinstated

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