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Sooo, here I am, getting myself a BC2 server of my own, to add to the community, and have a server with rules that I like (such as HC) and that I can enforce. Of course, as a hardcore gamer I would want to get rid of cheaters, and help all of the community to ban them, by streaming.


But no. For that I must have a clan, a team roster, a website, a forum and and and. Hey, it's just me and my server here, apparently that's not good enough. And I don't understand why.

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Streaming requirements were tightened for security reasons. We have to protect our community and those who use it. One of the things we tightened up on was the requirement for all applicants to provide a website with information detailed in the following link:

Streaming Applicant Requirements


We will not risk the integrity of our services or MPI.


I see you have an open application with =]ESS[= who do stream to us.

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