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The Cult Of Cheating.


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I've posted on the EAUK forums but will repeat it here. Would be interested to hear PB staffers reaction or even EB and Dice's. I would have posted this in the SGA section but lost my streaming account :(


With the recent teleport hack I got thinking on how long cheating/hacking, whatever you want to call it has been going on. Thinking back to the early 80's when I started gaming, yes I am a first gen gamer, they has always been "cheat codes" on the early consoles and various cheats that were distributed by the game makers/publishers which helped players get through sticky levels etc on PC games.

So down the years the words cheat and hacks have been part and parcel of gaming, be it on PC or console, so why are people really surprised that cheating goes on in such great numbers. It's not seem to be a bag thing as it's just getting passed down from gamer to gamer. You only need to look at gamespy and there is an whole section dedicated to cheats, ok these maybe legit "cheats" but what is the difference ?


To my dismay I picked up a copy of PC Gamer here in the UK and on further inspection of the usual DVD packed with useless stuff I noticed "Bad Company 2 trainer" lalala !

I Slapped the DVD in the tray and sure enough it's a typical hack, OK it says don't use on MP as it will "probably" get you banned, but why are these magazines promoting this kind of activity ? This just breeds gamers into thinking that cheats/hacks etc are part of the gaming scene.

There are 5 other "trainer" hacks for other games on the DVD too!


No wonder more and more people are using hacks these days.


Dice you should be jumping down these magazines throats for this typ eof activity.


Here a section from the read me...just looks like any other hack if you ask me.


Using this Trainer



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