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Our server was moved to a different IP and after creating another server with the new IP in the PBB account, it isn't streaming any more. I tried everything including the automatic java tool but it's not working.

The server says:

PB UCON Session #12 Header Mismatch "pbbhub1"@

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Make sure you select the right game when adding servers to the hub. It will automatically deactivate if its the wrong game.


Looks like you have added your server as a BF2142 server, however on your homepage its a BC2 server. I then changed the server over to BC2 for you and it didn't stream.


On further investigation I found the new IP:




I have added this to your account, however in future if your clan server changes IP. All you have to do is remove the old server and add the new one. Your account now looks like this:


Server List


BFBC2 - (Streaming)





You may remove the non-streaming server via the account management tab.

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