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DVARs protect


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Thats nice, but i cannot see what the dvars options are, since i don`t stream because i have a notebook as a server. Therefor i have no status that allows me to see what there is.



Thanks for the post thou.



If there is anyone, that could assist me on this one, i would be glad. Otherwise i would have to code a lot to get somethink close to what there already is.


PS: What i do care about most is com_fps, snaps and some few other that may lag a home server, so what i know so far is, that i could do this for example:



pb_sv_cvar "com_fps" [type] "80"


but is this correct with the " or not? And what is the type? what shoud be there?



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You're Welcome! :D


The format is like this:

// ***********************************************

// CVAR Checks

// ***********************************************

//Clear CVAR Checks


pb_sv_cvar com_maxfps IN 44 250

pb_sv_cvar cl_maxpackets IN 30 100

pb_sv_cvar rate IN 5000 25000

pb_sv_cvar snaps IN 20 40


Use IN to specify a range you want the cvar/dvar inside of.

Use OUT to specify a range you want the cvar/dvar to be outside of.

No "quotes" necessary...


If a player comes on your server, and is not within the limits you have set, they will receive a warning message to change the cvar/dvar that is out of range. If they don't change it in 5 minutes, they will be kicked automatically.

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