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Global bans are directly from the makers of PB software EvenBalance.


They have nothing to do with www.pbbans.com or any other anti-cheat site so don't even bother posting here about you getting a Global Ban.


From EvenBalance :


Saturday January 4th, 2003


This new year marks the successful implementation of the new PunkBuster? Guid Auth server system. Using the new PB Guid Auth servers, PB Servers will now be able to determine valid GUIDs from hacked or faked GUIDs and will be able to remove players who are not using a valid GUID/cdkey from games on PB Servers. We also will soon be implementing our new policy of globally banning GUIDs that are associated with PB Violations that involve known PB Hacks. Some cheats/hacks interfere with PB's ability to detect hacks/cheats, to take screenshots, to report cvar values, etc. Using such a hack is in direct violation of our End User License Agreement and terminates the license to use PunkBuster? software. Starting today, any punks caught by PunkBuster? using such a hack will be subject to global banning from all PB Servers without recourse. In conjunction with the new Guid Auth Server system, this provides the ability to further ensure that PB Servers provide the most cheat-free environment possible for honest players.

Having said all that Global Bans seem to pop-up occasionally on clean players. If this happens to you find your cd key file and delete it then re-enter your cd key in-game.


This has been known to fix bogus global bans for most people.

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