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Register Clan GUIDs


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As a server admin, I have access to logs that contain the GUIDs of my clan members. I think we server admins could use this information to pro-actively weed out members who have taken to using cheats and have been caught by PB. My suggestion...


1) Create a repository where a server admin can load in the GUIDs of his clan members

2) Have that repository cross referenced against the master ban index (on a daily/weekly basis)

3) Upon a positive match, e-mail the registered e-mail address and notify the server admin of the ban entry

4) The server admin acknowledged the notification and confirms what action has been taken


Why is this a good idea?


Well part of the criteria to be a member of PBBans is that cheaters are not harboured. What better way to help enforce this than providing members with an automated check and report tool?


Just something that occurred to me.



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I allways check my admins on a regualar basis and also the majority of the clan from time to time. When members join us they are told during recruitment that we do check GUID's and take cheating of any kind very seriously and will remove any member doing so exactly the same as a public player.

The MPI has proven so valuable for that as we have caught at least 5 members or prospects in the last 6 months for various offences from Aimbot to Easyaccounts.


I state clearly on my website that my clan and members are 100% cheat free and that is how I make sure of it. Im proud of the way our servers and community is run and our pub players know that our members and admins are 100% clean.


If suspisition is raised over a member then they ARE specced in game and Screenshotted. My clan know that all senior admins within my community have the power to do this and that they DO check on a regualr basis and they are all fine about it. If they dont want to be checked out then TBH they prob have something to hide and I dont really want them running anything in my servers.


Thats the easiest way to do it, it only takes 10 mins once every 2 weeks and is a deterant in itself if you make all members aware from day 1 that you are carrying out random checks.

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