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Medal of Honor Multiplayer Update 2


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Medal of Honor has its newest update available from 13:00 GMT today.

You can obtain the update through the auto updater when the game loads or if you prefer, an offline updater from one of the links at the end of this post. All server providers have the update file so you may also be able to download from your local server providers website.

STEAM will be releasing the update around 16:00 GMT when they get into the office.


Server providers will begin updating servers from 13:00 GMT today and all servers will be updated by the same time tomorrow. Contact your server provider if you have any server update questions and their update schedule.


The new update prepares the game for Clean Sweep and Hot Zone DLC as well as the following fixes and tweaks.




  • Lowered scores on all defensive support actions
  • Changed spawn points on Shah-i-Khot Mountains, Combat Mission
  • Changed spawn points on Kandahar Marketplace, Sector Control
  • Changed spawn points on Kandahar Marketplace, Team Assault
  • Changed spawn points on Diwagal Camp, Sector Control
  • Changed spawn points on Kunar Base, Sector Control
  • Changed spawn points on Kabul City Ruins, Sector Control
  • Changed spawn points on Kabul City Ruins, Team Assault
  • Changed spawn points on Garmzir Town, Sector Control
  • Changed spawn points on Garmzir Town, Team Assault
  • Tweaked damage on M16 and M24
  • Tweaked damage on M4


  • Added Hot Zone and Clean Sweep (added the levels/UI changes in server browser etc)
  • Server browser makes snapshot instead of subscribing to servers
  • Fixed hang when joining on a friend that's playing on a password protected server
  • Ribbons and medals no longer appear on unranked servers
  • Added aiming spot in binoculars in hardcore mode
  • Added text chatting while dead and in end of round
  • Increased the points needed to win a domination/tdm game
  • Decreased accuracy while shooting from the hip
  • Increased the amount of recoil and spread
  • Added server details in loading screens and spawn screen
  • Fixed an issue where holding your breath and moving forward would take you out of scope

Download Offline Update


AusGamers Files - Medal of Honor Patch R7



Diabolic-Servers.com : Game servers, Voice servers and Dedicated Solutions



Latest Files on Fileplay


EA Servers




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