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i dont get it


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God forgot to grant me the super power of deciphering messages left in forums that don't give me the information needed.


I asked what violation. You say PB banned you......PB doesn't ban you without giving you a reason.

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i dont know the reason for sure but my brother uses cheats and that stuf and now i have unistalled the game and instald it again under my acount so he cant play it any more but now i cant play on my favorite server because my brother let banned me over al servers with PB

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thanks mate

i hope they can unban me

Why should they unban you.....your "brother" cheated with that guide no way they will unban you....you need a new copy of the game

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thats the prob off letting other people play with youre cd and serial key so tip for next time


dont ever give somebody youre cd's ( or serial )


dont ever let your brother play with youre new copy of the game ( if you buy one again )

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