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  1. -mRx-

    Sup m8 hope all is good :)

  2. -mRx-

    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

    I know its late but i dont like to see any post with no replies :) Same back to you m8 :bigsmile3:
  3. -mRx-

    Hub Downtime

    Remeber those of you that use only Enforce Bans option! to manualy uppdate your pbbans.dat or the cheaters will be able to connect while the hub is down
  4. -mRx-

    Vista SoF2 look throught walls

    That look exactly like the old msn bug a few years ago
  5. -mRx-

    Definitive Leagues Partnership

    Welcome :)
  6. -mRx-

    Vote for this dark horse lol...

    lol wish i could vote ;)
  7. Good luck and hope to see you soon again m8 :)
  8. -mRx-

    Need a Website and Clan Email System?

    Thats a nice offer holback. I think you should be abit more grate full to what he tries to do here :) And remeber nothing is free in this world ;)
  9. Ok its fixed now i transfered the server to your account :)
  10. We are looking in to it :)
  11. -mRx-

    Hostile Tactics Gaming League Partnership

    Welcome to PBBans hope we can do some good together :)
  12. The old one died so i had to order a new one :) CPU:AMD Phenom 9500 2.2GHz. Quad Core. 1066MHZ FSB. 2MB L2-cache. 65nm. 95W. RAM:3GB DDR2 - 667 MHz Graphics Card:nVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB Hard Drive: 1 TB (2 x 500 GB) SATA 3G (7200 rpm) Monitor:21" tft widescreen Sound Card:Intel High Definition Audio 7.1 Mouse:Ms 3.0 Keyboard:Saitek Eclipse
  13. -mRx-

    Another Question On SS

    Next time post your ss
  14. -mRx-

    Game-Violations = Engrish?

    I second that :P
  15. The ban have been lifted http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=5&ban_id=58158
  16. -mRx-

    Respected Admins Partnership

    Nice to see so many from RA here your more then welcome :)
  17. -mRx-

    Zero tolerance policy on cheats

    Yeah we have all been there no worry...All you really can do is remove him from the team...and you did that so :)
  18. -mRx-

    CoDLeague no stream to PBBans rule

    I dont see any logic in what you say..its been stated before that pbbans streaming does not interfere with the standard way of streaming in any way. The team/clan/group/server provider useing over services do trust us and our violations and have made the choise to stream to us and now you tell them they can not do that cause your admins have never streamed a server to pbbans, so you set a rule that pbbans can not be used even when you have not tried it your self? No one from codleague have never even asked or been interested in how pbbans streaming works. For all we know mabye pbbans streaming is a benefit to your league how can you know if you have not tried it? :) Its not like we are the bad guys here we try our best to make a difference in the ac world and we do this for you all so you should have a more secure server to play on..Isnt that what your after to?
  19. -mRx-

    For the admins!

    Well thats hard to prove impossible for us to do so
  20. -mRx-

    Total Gaming League Partnership

    TGL Welcome to PBBans :)
  21. -mRx-


    Take a look at our PunkBuster Screenshot Guide there is all you need to know http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?aut...amp;showfile=16
  22. -mRx-

    Be on a look out for this Guy

    Thx :) Closed
  23. -mRx-

    Streaming the server

    No not at all :)
  24. -mRx-

    Be on a look out for this Guy

    Hey ~TWZ~theDr* you should get your server to stream to pbbans I removed that info you posted iam not comfortable with that this kind of info is posted in the public area of the forum with out any kind of proof that he/she in fact are a cheater

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