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  1. Ice Man

    PBBans Vista Gadget

  2. Ice Man

    Battlefield Hardline

    The game wasn't bad, it's the player count that killed it.
  3. Ice Man

    Got banned in early 2014

    Thought the BF4 beta was the same where the GUIDS were different
  4. Ice Man

    Battlefield Hardline

  5. Ice Man

    Battlefield Hardline

    been playing it for a while now, clan members hate it but I kinda like it..
  6. Ice Man

    looking for better server provider for bf3

    fragnet.net, no idea about a database though with procon.
  7. Ice Man

    Battlefield Hardline

    Hypernia and fragnet also have said they will have servers.
  8. Ice Man

    Site Move 2014

    What's the plan for the old hardware?
  9. Ice Man


  10. Ice Man


    Okay, I bought the game and I haven't had any issues at all. I think this is one of the smoothest launches I've seen in years.
  11. Ice Man


    soo I haven't heard many complaints on release...
  12. Ice Man

    Former admin attempting dispute from donation

    Well, the original outcome was an auto denial from paypal for being over 45 days. Wasn't concerned about that as much as him attempting to go to his bank and then disputing it through his bank. If he attempted it through the bank I would have had to prove it was a donation, blah blah blah. Anyways I haven't been contacted by paypal due to a chargeback from his bank yet.. No idea if he actually tried it or not. We did send him a strongly worded email explaining what exactly he purchased with a reserve slot, how it has zero effect on his adminship (was an admin since 2012), and how we have proof that he harassed other players on our servers by abusing the powers he was given. We also let him know that he wasn't banned from our servers (I would like to) and he still has the original access given to him. Been a little busy with work, but we're going to put together a new donation TOS so we will be protected in the future.
  13. Ice Man


    Where's your ban? Can we have a link?

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