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Updates to recording methods?


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Sorry guys to -again- ask the same question


But, have you any informations about the an accepted recording service for players?


Because now I'm frustrated, I played against (IMHO) a true cheater on this server today at 17h00 GMT+1 :



I recorded the guy with an app "fraps" cause of the bf's lack.


And for what? Nothing...


As I believe in presumption of innocence, I think that we must have something to protect ourself.


Just for Fun, the guy in question


Name Time Kills Headshots Shots Hits Accuracy

M416 04h 35m 12s 1 377 1 111 67 257 12 718 18.91 %

2 kills per minute with 80% headshot ":o"

Hope someone will remember his name and stream his "performances" onto the pbbans portal.

Cause we trust to an equitable judgement ;)

Best regards,


post-162476-085342800 1289078520_thumb.jpg

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Yes and PBSS, but, I do not count that yet because EB fails to fix them.


Year after year :P


Way things are going PB will be on par with VAC because the features that set it above are either broken or the game doesn't support it.

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Year after year :P


Way things are going PB will be on par with VAC because the features that set it above are either broken or the game doesn't support it.


What is it?


The games are developing quicker with new technology then the technology that is being used by Evenbalance?


Has anyone ever done a interview with this seceretive bunch of hacker chasers? Asking how they do there detections and so on? Just curious that's all.

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The games are developing better technologies, but, EB still has the same system they did back when they began with a few updates here and there. EB needs to build a whole new verification and security system with better features in order to be competitive with Steam and VAC. At least VAC now went to VAC2 and they are currently working on VAC3. PB's UCON is still they way it has always been. There is no UCON2.


Punkbuster Pros:

Live banning

Global Bans on some violations (Should be all violations)

UCON system to allow streaming to 3rd party sites

PB Screenshots (When they work correctly)

CVAR scans

MD5 scans

Demos on some games (3rd party sites only)


Punkbuster Cons:

Kicks players for using non-cheat software like steam and xfire.

Black Screenshots

UCON not secure enough

PB GUID's can be spoofed(ET players)

Same GUIDs for different games (i.e. BC2 and MoH)

Can lag server with wrong configurations

PB kicks players if it can't communicate with EB

Auto-Updating does not work all the time (Have to manually update)

Some cheats that are supposed to be detected, aren't!


VAC Pros

Mass Bans

Auto-updated through steam

If you're banned, then you're banned from all games using that engine.

Once banned, you need to buy a new game.

No kicks for non-cheat software.

No lag from VAC

Now has VAC2 system

Has verification system to see if game is cracked or not.

More secure


VAC Cons

Have to wait for players to be banned (delayed mass bans)

No screenshots

No MD5's


Cannot contact VAC to discuss ban or to submit cheats via email

Does not detect some private cheats at all because they don't buy cheats.



Maybe some of you can point out other pros and cons for each. That is what I can think of at this point.

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