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Server Down 5 days


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My bc2 server start streaming around 2 weeks ago, however the last 5 days thanks to my game server provider my server is down, and they seem like they don't care, I have send then emails, open support ticket, post in their forum and still waiting.


Now my concern is, How will this affect to my streaming account, I got emails saying that my server is not streaming and I guess you guys already take it down from streaming server?


So what should I do when my server get fixed?? Do I need to apply again to stream? In the 2 weeks we have been streaming we have cought 168 cheaters, please help me, I'm confused now, and again it is game servers foult not my foult or our clan's foult.

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Non Streaming Notification Emails are automated for your convenience to let you know something isn't right.


If your team doesn't stream for 14 days then accounts are automatically deactivated and reactivation must be requested.


Sounds like you need a new GSP really ;) Once your server is back online, if it doesn't automatically stream just run through the streaming steps again - no need to reapply.

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Thanks for the info, they move me to another machine so now I have a new IP for my server.

I just did the streaming steps again and everything is fine.

Thanks a lot.

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