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Questin regarding account bannings


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So if I bought a copy of BFBC2 on Steam, and that copy got banned, if I bought another on that same account would I be able to play, or does it go by IP address and I'll never be able to play again. Or something else like your key where if I did get a new one I could paly. Or if I made a new account could I get BFBC2 on that and play? I'm not sure how it all works.







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IP's are just logged. Basically if you get banned your banned by your guid which is generated by your cd key. In order to play again you would need a new cd key which bascally means a new game as you really cant by a cd key alone that I know of. You can play on the same acount with a new key but its not recommended due to the name is linked to a ban and people are gonna start accusing you of being a cheater etc.

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From what I remember, the GUID BFBC2 are not based on the cd key but on the accounts EA. If you play now, you must make new account EA and buy new copy of BFBC2. It's the EA account that is blocked not the game key. I do not know if having recorded a new key on a banned account you can retrieve your key for recorded this key on new account.



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