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'Server communication failure pnkbstra.exe'


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Every time i join a server i get kicked instantly and get this ridiculously annoying error ''Server communication failure pnkbstra.exe'' i can't play any servers except for the ones which aren't running PunkBuster... I've tried reinstalling BfBc2, (Yeah it's on Bad Company 2) I've tried updating PunkBuster but it's already on the most recent version and i've tried some of the other "Solutions" on some of the other threads on this website i found by googling the error message, none of which were any help seeing as i still get this annoying message...


I don't know why i'm getting kicked or how to stop it, can anybody help SOLVE the problem?


P.s PunkBuster obviously doesn't work properly seeing as it kicks innocent people from servers they've never played before for no reason.

And yes i'm pissed off, wouldn't you be if you couldn't play any PunkBuster servers, which is like 98% of them...

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Not to state the obvious...well, okay I am...but did you check your Firewall ??




most common problem is that firewall is blocking PunkBuster


and with the vague comment that you tried some other things is not very helpful


if you just came to vent and don't really want help then don't worry about giving us some pertinent information

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