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pb streaming for everyone



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  1. 1. Should server providers be required to have pbbans preinstalled ready for buyers?

    • YES
    • NO

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I would like pbbans to be able to take over a server if needed. EA needs to demand server providers to stream pbbans because hacks are still being made and people are going on unprotected servers and getting points. A server should already be set up with pbbans when purchased so the owner has no option to go with or without. That is my opinion, I know something like this wont happen but one can dream.

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If EA did that then there would be all kinds of complaints from other sites who offer services along the lines of PBBans (GGC for instance) over preferential treatment.


Not to mention possible complaints from PBBans staff requesting re-embursment from EA...after all, the work they do is entirely voluntary and unpaid.

The workload that such a demand from EA would create wouild require a more or less full time commitment...although the case could be made that given the round the clock monitoring by some staff members has reached that level already.


Also....such a requiremrnt by EA would be rediculous. We all know EA only cares about the money....it would only be a matter of time before they started bringing pressure to bear with regards to lowering the standards set for acceptance as an SGA for example. Thier standard would be (allegedly) "Well he/she is a server admin because his/her clan hosts a server. Therefore they shoudl have full and unfettered access tothe MBi."


Who'se head do you think would explode first after reading that email ??

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Let's be honest about it: it'd be very unlikely but it wouldn't be impossible. There's so many if's and but's to the entire thing that it's really not worth going into depth over due to how unlikely the scenario is.


Sidenote: More due to EA than us.

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Well I didnt realise how much work load you all have at the moment. As a unemployed gamer I would love to help out, so maybe its time to throw up the "hiring" sign. If anyone complains then tell them to suck it or leave. It shouldnt be a choice, maybe have the option of what you want to have streaming (pbbans,ggc) but the point is you have something streaming.



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