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Viol 132110, 132352 and 132322 Bans Removed (BC2)


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Even Balance has informed us that VIOLATION PB HACK 132110, 132352 and 132322 in Bad Company 2 can be triggered by some non-cheat related software.


We have confirmed that some of the kicks for violation numbers 132110, 132352, and 132322 made during the past few hours were caused by something other than the presence of a cheat. We encourage server admins to give players the benefit of the doubt and not ban players for these violations.




798 (132110 = 448 bans 132352 = 231 bans 132322 = 119 bans) Bad Company 2 Bans have been removed from the MBI and unban commands sent out on Dec 1, 2010 for hub streaming servers.

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Thank God. I could not understand what was going on last night. I was watching 10+ bans per minute on our BC2 server. For exactly those violations. I went to check the log, it was short and there were 107 instances of these bans in the log, is less then 30 minutes.


I was like, this cant be normal, it cant be this bad.


Glad to see it was resolved. Great work as always MaydaX!!!

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