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Ban :S


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Hi gamers.


Well I have a problem, that I have just read from other players. I have my guid ban and from other player and part of the world. In this case is an extreme case. What I mean is that, I live in Argentina(South America) and I have my guid ban in India(Asia). So is really obvious that I have no cheated.

This is my guid:916ec2aadab842da993a7c20eb93940b


I really want to know if there is any way someone can take my ban. I don't want to buy a key :S

I want you to know first that this can be a passed guid. One friend, here of the game, when I was playing for his team decided to give me a key. This can be an already passed key and that can be the way both of us, the player kicked in India and I, have the same key.


Waiting for a replay :P

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