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After receiving a false ban and assurances the unban commands worked , Why 3 weeks later , im still banned from from my own server culprit file is called PBBANS.DAT

In fact it took ,3 emails to multiplay ,a removal and re-install of streaming files PBBANS FILES only ( edited my ban ) to get me back on .Somewhere on these anti cheat systems there is an incorrect file named PBBANS.DAT , cached and on server restarts it kept pulling it back in.

Since getting myself up and running , my clans website has had requests off similar banned people to assist them getting on . I presume this file PBBANS.DAT has something to do with pbbans system , i hope this post will help others whom are still banned in finding a solution.

I was informed this issue was maybe to do with other anti cheat sites causing this , apparently i wasn't


Merry Christmas !

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Any violation which EvenBalance has confirmed as being false has been removed from our MBi.


It's possible that individual server admins may be enforcing old ban files or other anti-cheat sites may be enforcing said bans, all we can really do is continue to advise individuals to ensure their server is enforcing the latest bans.


If any PBBans servers are enforcing lifted bans we may be able to nudge that team but there's not much more we can do unfortunately.

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