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I know pb can log a person cfg but will it ever beable to log out of game cfg like for speedpads?


A person can use the software that comes with a Nostromo N52 SpeedPad to make macros.

If a person uses a speedpad the cfg is not linked into the games cfg so theres no way to prove if someones using one of these to get around pb logging.


Do you know if theres anyway to setup pb to scan for it?


(Sorry if this is the wrong place on the forums)

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I've got a Nostromo N52 and honestly - I haven't been able to get the damnable thing to do anything I want! :angry:


Let's just hope everybody is as clueless as me, m'kay? ;)

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a person would still need to mess with game files or add files to cheat with a aimbot or wallhack right?


Couldn't they use speedpad to make no recoil macros or other stuff like that?


The software can record what buttons you are push or how long your holding them down and then you turn that into a macro, i dont think it records mouse or does anything to it.

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