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Please re-activate


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I posted in another section but I don't think it was the right one. The server is and has been active for some time and for some reason got deactivated. Thanks.


Account ID: 5958

Name: The TNT Gaming Group


Website: www.thetntclan.net

Error Code: Account Inactive

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according to your sig, they have never streamed




that is the forum


Whoops those are old servers I need to delete. They were streamed at one time. I need to get the BC2 one streaming two. I'll play around with it. Hmmmmmmm I can't even get into the CP to delete my sigs. Would it be easier to just start a new acct?


I posted in that section and it it sat so I put something here too.


According to the sig on our website, the server was streaming at one time and showed the last ban in September 2010. I also tried the config tool and it wouldn't connect.

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